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Style updates are live

I’ve hit 50 Sour/Wilds three times now. Intrigued to see how many more times I achieve this before Styles are finalised.

(Today’s should be a Sour - Fruit so it’ll be a fourth time at least).


Just curious was there any further discussion on the addition of a New England Pale Ale style? It could also hold so called “New England Session IPAs”.
I’m adding new beers of this style on a weekly basis but putting them in the APA category for now. There’s thousands in total, but not many tagged. Then we have styles like dark saison and dark india pale lager with barely any representation in any country at all that actually got added.

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Hi, just noticed that my Metheglin/Spiced/Herbs meads are listed in beer styles as well as mead/cider/sake. He’s alone with all those beer rates all around him. He’s all alone and he’s scared.



Mead - Melomel/Fruited is there too. So it’s not all bad. :grinning:Annotation%202019-05-17%20222818


I’m still waiting for my 4 mead ratings to go into the correct styles so there’s no need to boast.


Yea sent feedback like a week ago about the mead styles showing up in both lists.

Haven’t seen movement in a bit but still plenty of reclassify left that I can tell.

This is something that take 2min to correct @joet

Any idea when the automatic assignments will be done?


Now there are 3 styles called ciders, sakes, meads which I assume should be categories or subtotals but all at zero and looking odd.

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Posted as a bug afew days back and Viper666 has posted how to resolve, still awaiting to be fixed by @joet @services

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There is also this weirdness where it says I have 127 but rated 125/126 the unknown style being my missing one.

There are 2 meads in the beers list, seems to be counting those twice?

I definitely see these tallying issues as a problem. I’m working on them.


When are changes being deployed? I.e. how long should people wait before they start reporting style changes? I think I’m going going to have to keep a list if it is a while yet.


Is it happening?. I cant access my styles…Or others…


Fingers crossed!

Ditto - both on not being able to access & hoping it’s happening…

The style totals are back and still showing ciders, perrys and meads as 0…

Why do the style totals and top “raters” by style count both rates and ticks, whereas if you look at a style it shows the top raters by rates only. It’s confusing to have two different tallies

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@danlo It’s not the only area where there are such differences Ed!

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