SUGGESTION add a page where we can see our submitted corrections

Whenever I submit corrections for beers in the UK, an admin usually has it handled within a couple of days. However for the past week or so I noticed that a couple of corrections I submitted haven’t been handled which is unusual. This could be because

  1. Admins currently busy with a backlog
  2. Correction didn’t actually get submitted
  3. Admins saw my correction but did not agree so did not act on it

But as it stands I have absolutely no idea what’s going on with them. If it’s the first thing then that’s absolutely fine. if it’s the second thing then that is a big problem. If it’s the third thing then that’s also fine (kinda) but it would be nice to get some feedback to know why and/or to give further info.

So it got me thinking. Why not simply have a page in our account settings which shows corrections we’ve submitted and whether they were accepted or rejected, and if the latter, why? That way at least I could verify my corrections were received so I don’t accidentally submit multiple times giving them more work to do.
I’m aware that admins can send beermail to confirm changes have been made, but it’s rare they use it, and to be honest is actually unnecessary most of the time unless it was a complex issue.

Oh and also make it so we can submit corrections for breweries and places the same way we do for beers. The threads in the main forum and regional forums are huge.


In the dutch forums (and I’ve seen one in the spanish and the canadian forums as well) we have a topic where we can submit beer and breweries corrections, the admins are taking care of it pretty quickly then or is being discussed if a correction doesn’t seem right.

I mean that works too I guess but the UK admins have told us they want us to go through the proper corrections page for beers. We do have one for breweries/places though.

I mean if it’s really become so useless that we’re going to have to use the forums to do this joet might as well just remove the corrections page altogether. I guess that would be the quickest way to solve all the problems I mentioned!

To be honest I wouldn’t mind using the forums for some complex cases (one of my corrections involves a beer with 2 separate entries here despite it being the same beer, renamed due to legal reasons), but for minor things like typos or adding commercial description it seems a bit overkill.

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I dont see a link for corrections on the new page. Am I missing it? If it’s not there, how do I submit one?

Click on the pencil in the top right.