Suggestion for Places improvement

When you look at a place in “Places” you get a list of all the places there.
But to see if you have rated the place or not you have to click on each individual place to se.

What if we put a marking somehow on the 'Beer Guide" list that shows if you have had it.
Below I have highlighted Apollon place name with yellow and the number of reviews with yellow just to show an example how it could be handlet.

That would save place ticker for lot of work when planning, and will also give an fast overview of own status for the different places on that location.


In my opinion it would be better if there was an option that you could select:

“Only show places that I haven’t rated”.

And it would accordingly filter out all the places that you have already rated.

That also a good way to do it.
That would also be great.

Open for suggestions, my point here was to easy spot and filter.

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The filter exists on the mapping facility.

True, but sometimes not all places can be found on the maps so that you might end up missing a few.