SUGGESTION: New beerstyle Black Gose

Today I encountered a beer like this for the first time, but a quick search came up with about 15-20 results or so, so it doesn’t just seem to be a one-time gimmick beer. Just like there’s a category for black IPAs, maybe a category for black Goses would make sense?

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Not necessarily serious suggestions but have spotted a few of these recently which I suspect are more prevalent then some of our lesser spotted styles:

Black/Dark Barley Wine

Imperial Gose

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I sure seen a few Double Fruited Gose too recently. Never seen a black gose., I’d be curious to try that.

Black goses are certainly a thing, but nowhere near prevalent enough to be their own style. They fit fine under Sour / Wild - Dark for now. There are only around 50 tagged, but keep adding them to this tag and maybe one day they’ll hit the threshold.


I am not sure if I have had more than one, and I doubt that this will blow up any more than it has already, as dark styles other than chocolate cake imperial stouts seldom get crazy hype.

These sound good, but I am not sure these should get their own style yet.

Ever seen one of these would like to try I’ll keep an eye out