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SUGGESTION: New beerstyle Triple IPA / Triple NEIPA

Hello all,

I don’t know if someone has already talked about this, but it could be a thing to add those styles (Triple IPA / Triple NEIPA).

It seems to be a trend these last months, and I think it’s in a good way to be persistant (contrary to Brut IPAs ^^), especially Triple NEIPAs.

It’s a little bit annoying to class these beers as “Imperial or Double”. Well, that’s my opinion. ^^

Cheers !

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I feel like the ABV bands are getting ridiculously tight… 6% - 7.9% is NEIPA, 8% - 9.9% is a double, and 10% - 12% is a triple?

I get that it’s very very commonly used as a marketing term, but from my perspective there really isn’t enough to separate the styles apart from just the ABV.

Maybe change the names of the “Double” styles to “Double/Triple”?

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The issue with this is doing it in any sort of consistent way. What is the difference between a double IPA and a triple IPA? The only two options are either go with what is on the label, or use an arbitrary ABV. If you do the former then you put this 11.5% IPA into double IPA


but if you do the latter then you put something which explicitly calls itself a double IPA into a style called triple IPA. There are also lots of breweries who just call their 10%+ IPAs as imperial IPAs, so which do they go into? Then you have breweries who market even stronger IPAs as quadruple or even quintuple IPAs, where do they go?

There is a pretty easy solution, which is that double IPAs, triple IPAs, quadruple IPAs and imperial IPAs all fall under the bracket of imperial IPAs, which is half of the style name.


Imperial is the easy solution

If we did go to triple … probably easier to call triple/quad to catch the relatively small number of the latter

I’d also be inclined to leave any beers added say more than a year or so back, not identifying themselves by the brewer as triple/quad as DIPA … file under historical

I understand what you are saying with the “Imperial” denomination, but having “Triple NEIPA” style clearly written in the beer style is more “user friendly”, and stick better to what’s written on labels. :slight_smile:

Imperial Gose and Sour seem to be the other ones I keep coming across.

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