Summary of Profile Style Page Issues

Just summarizing the items that have been lingering since the big style build out. Collecting styles was one of my favorite activities on site and from the thread about goals many others as well. Some people hate our styles and find useless no need to post that opinion again here.

  1. Mass migration of beers moved to new styles based on tags etc. Seems this never happened just whats manually been moved at random.

  2. How do these numbers relate?

  3. Mead sub-styles still showing in beer style list as well as non-beer style list should just be latter

  4. Category styles showing in non-beer style list

  5. Unknown Style can this just be removed since ideally shouldnt exist or at least not appear in my profile so us OCD collectors don’t fret

  6. Style descriptions so people know what to put where. What would fit in Pale Ale category since we have so many subsets


Wish you best of luck with that.
I have been waitng for many months on same issue reported.
Looks like there is no intention that they will clean up.

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Just wanted it spelled out and on record for any potential would be person planning to fix. Should have put in ratebeer feedback forum I think for @Viper666.Qc to potentially pin.

My original one was placed there 1.jun last year. Even Joet commented on it 19 june saying he was working on it, still no change.

According to @joet the mass migration did happen, just none of us noticed it. Apparently it was based on @Viper666.Qc tag system. That said, I have ramped up my style corrections, but I am just one man(squito). I have probably corrected about a fee hundred beers in the past couple weeks but that is obviously a drop in the bucket.

The problem is that it was done only partially… We established new beer styles among admins last year and were promised many things…

Now the person who was in charge to update the descriptions on the website ( @beergirltif ) left the company. I have created a complete list of description on my part but I can’t put them online so they are only accessible on a public excel document…

@joet too doesn’t seem to have access to the database anymore so I doubt you will see any correction made to the old layout pages

I had no idea just went in and checked a few things and found a quick 5 easy reclasses that I sent through I’m sure tons more in my rates alone. But i doubt they want us manually sending in corrections for every brew on mass

In the pinned BEERS topic, admins generally reclassify quickly. @solidfunk has been doing this en masse. Let me know which beers, and I will reclassify.

I do not look at this as a single beer issu, but a complete messup regarding calculation of number of beerstyles and the entire fucked up staistic in RB.

Wow. Full takeover I guess?

Ya I mostly went through all my stouts, imp stouts, porters, saisons and IPAs and reclassified all the obvious ones. For example, any stouts where the name itself made it obvious there were flavors (chocolate, cafe, cacao etc. plus Mexican usually means chile is added (though not always)). 95% of IPAs with DDH or Triple dry-hopped are NEIPAs, plus 95% of certain breweries IPAs are NEIPAs unless they are flavored. Saisons also often have the added flavors in names.

Then I went and did tag searches and cross compared them with my list of that style. So I’d due a tag search for English IPA in my ratings and compare it to how many English IPAs I actually had rated in that style.

Means at least my ratings are a lot cleaner, though I’m sure there are still many saisons, stouts etc. that are hiding in the wrong category because it’s not implicit in their names. But those will eventually get sorted out.

mansquito In the pinned BEERS topic, admins generally reclassify quickly. @solidfunk has been doing this en masse. Let me know which beers, and I will reclassify.

Is that what you recommend? I can go through but not sure when I’ll have time. I don’t spend as much time flying around the earth with hours upon hours of time to kill like solidfunk.

all the other issues noted we’ll have to rely on developrs i supposse it’d be nice to get a update @services

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Yes please :slight_smile:

Whatever you have time for is helpful. If you post actual links to the beers rather than just names, I can generally change a few hundred in an hour or so. Bug reports are much slower for everyone involved.


Is it too early to vote in @explosivedog as RBeerian of the year? :rofl: