Summer Wine Brewery Shuts

I really enjoyed their beers back in 2011, Diablo was a great bitter grapefruity IPA. Also remember a meet the brewer in the same year at the Port Street Beer House, Manchester, sad news…

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Sad news. Really liked some of their stuff back in the day, especially on cask. “ Summer Wine Newport” on cask was a cracking apa, remember I had it quite a few times back in 2013.

It is sad news, they started with some dodgy brews but once they moved into the new brewery there was some really decent beers coming from them. It seems that the Brewer may do some one off’s from time to time.

Yeah diabolo was great. I called into their brewery around 2013 and picked up a load of bottles. . Nice guys, but it always mystified me how they didn’t seem to grow when Magic Rock, Northern Monk, Buxton etc. all just took off. Hardly ever saw them on draft apart from at Euston Tap for some reason, so no surprise to read the news

The name? Always assumed they did Compo and Cleggy themed golden Ales.

More or less how they started really but they did pick up onto the craft beer scene after that and brought out some really good beers.

Summer Wine Elbow Grease was not a good beer either from the flavour or for marketing purposes

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