Suncrush Beer

Just curious as to why these guys are considered a new brewery?:

I mean it’s just the exact same people as Hardywood, but they came up with a new brand name? Do we have a general rule for that? What’s the difference between this and something like Turkey Hill / Urban Farmhouse or anything else where they just came out with a new “brand” but its the same everything else. Seems like there’s not a lot of consistency.

Seems to differ. In the UK a lot of oldschool breweries are just creating fake craft branding so it annoys me when they’re added as seperate breweries despite it all being brewed at the same location.

If however this lot have their own brewery I’d suggest that the name should be amended to Suncrush Beer (Hardywood).

Does it depend on how much an Admin is after new brewery ticks;)

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Yeah, I’m not making a suggestion one way or the other, just curious, but as far as I can tell this is literally just Hardywood trying to sell low ABV beer for drinking outside, so if they wrote Hardywood on the can it would just be a series of low ABV beers, but instead its an entirely new brewery…

The same situation exists for Andean Kuka and Nap Time. I tried to clarify it by contacting them and decided not to add a new brewer after this:

Andean Brewing is the mother corporation, We launched Nap Time in April. This is the brewers project, we are doing self distribution with this brand so we have much more control about what beer goes out, where and the age
We still make Kuka and have a couple other contracts we fill, but right now in the tap room its pretty much all Nap Time, and seems to be the thing people are buying more than Kuka
let me know if you have any other questions! Cheers

So it’s Andean Kuka and Andean Nap Time Liquid Creations, which is an entirely too long name

Oh yeah, that’s another good example. I actually talked to a sales rep from Nap Time a few months back at bar where she was trying to sell beer, and she basically said they didn’t like their distributor in NYC, so they had to create a new brand so get their beers into bars in NYC. Otherwise I’d guess they’d have stuck with the other name, but they wanted to get around distribution agreement.

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