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Sunday Stat Attack

New ‘Styles’ will hit the site soon, but what are your current least rated styles on Ratebeer?

Mine are hard to find styles that I am not a big fan of anyway, please show yours!


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I guess I’ll be just about to hit my 10-of-each-style goal when they introduce new styles…:

Style Count
Bock - Eisbock 10
Scottish Ale 10
American Strong Ale 10
Lambic - Unblended 9
Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduõlu 9
Lambic - Faro 8

Still not had malt liquor, polotmavy, sahti, ice cider or any of the sake styles.

Faro, unblended lambic, kristallweizen and NEIPA all on one.

Have been more focused on English counties than styles the last few years (although have also been fighting a rearguard action to keep porter and stout ahead of APA’s).

We hope…?

My only ones below 10 ratings. Trying to work on those this year. But Polotmavy and sahti are not easy to get without travelling.

Style AVG Count
Irish Ale 2.76 20
Mild Ale 3.08 17
Scottish Ale 3.07 15
Cream Ale 3.31 15
Lambic - Faro 3.41 14

I have been hunting rare styles for a while, and faro is the hardest to get over 10. Even in Belgium it is not a common style. Scottish ale, irish ale, and cream ale are mostly American only styles, so hard to get in EU. Mild ale is easy to get in UK, but there are not many examples that are bottled and distributed.

All of those without an easy option to get more. Living just 100km from Belgium border but as martjoobolut said, even in Belgium it’s hard to get.

Weissbier - Kristallweizen15
Low Alcohol15
Dortmunder 15
Polotmavý 15
Lambic - Faro 14

A RateBeerian is visiting Orlando in March with a Faro we will split then I’ll be at 15 for every. Although just out of frame I do also have a Sahti coming in mail and my buddy in Mass grabbed me an eisbock I need to collect when I see him next.

4 styles under 25 rates for me … the usual suspects !

Lambic Faro - 1
Sahti - 1
Eisbock - 1
Polotmavy - 1
Low Alcohol - 1
Lambic Unblended - 2
Weizenbock - 3
IPL - 3
Dunkel Tmavy - 3
Dunkler Bock - 3
Bitter - 4
Lambic Gueuze - 4

These are all the ones under 5.

Have these ones:

Ah you want to play that game these are mine under 10

Saké - Taru 9
Saké - Infused 8
Saké - Futsu-shu 8
Saké - Koshu 7

Believe I’m still leader in clubhouse with minimum of 7.

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This is a beer site not an apple juice or Japanese rice wine site, just beer scores please.



As long as no cider sub-categories are added…

Here are my least-rated. Generally I aim to try as wide a range of breweries, beers, styles, countries etc… as possible, rather than focus on anything specific. I’m sure i’ll boost these numbers in time.

There’s aleady few enough users without driving even more away…

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Agreed this could be a way to actually increase users if we promote to the cider, mead and sake respective crowds since not many options for them currently in market.

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Here’s my <10 ratings. Got enough of the first 2 in stock to get them over 10. Still got lots of work to do on the others though.

The usual suspects under 10 for me as well… I wonder if I’ve rated any Sahti that hasn’t been changed from Traditional Ale…


I always forgot I’ve moved back to the Midwest and there’s a shit ton of beer here. I’ll need to keep my eyes peeled for these styles next time I hit a Binny’s or Woodman’s. I usually just grab local beers and state ticks.

Here are my styles under 20 rates.

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