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Superbowl 55; what you going to be drinking?

I have just ordered 18 different cans of US beer (in the UK), all new rates, from 8 breweries and 7 states.

Do 'mericans swill anything while watching, or do you select your beers carefully?

Hoping Tom Brady can ‘do the business’ again, what a career that guy has had.



I will either be wasted before, during or after. Go Chiefs!


Since the Jets decided not to bother this year, again, I’ll be a casual observer just hoping for a good game, and that I stay awake for the duration! Will have to find a couple of US beers to kick things off with


Every year I say I will get beer from the two teams cities and make appetizers that features local cuisine from two however I never planned ahead enough to do this.

So for Tampa like mini Cuban sandwiches with cigar city and KC style bbq something with Boulevard brewing. (Need to be widely distributed). I suppose I still have time.


Pickings are slim as I won’t be doing another beer order before Sunday. The only American beer I’ve got it a Trillium Fated Farmer and that seems like a weird choice. Maybe a Sam Smiths or two as I used to drink that in the US.

Hoping the Bucs defense can hold strong. It’ll be a close run thing in my opinion.

I will have two beers from Cigar City arriving tomorrow, but nothing from either of the Kansas Cities or the State of Kansas.

No idea what food we’ll have but will not be ‘Burgers’ or anything BBQ’d. My old Webber is put away until the sun comes out again (that’s two days in July usually).


BBQ in this instance refers to the style of sauce used and what differentiates KC is that’s its thick and sweet made with tomato and molasses base. You can make the meat of choice in other manner than grill. Bit of translation between UK and here.


Next you’ll be telling me a shower is where you wash and it’s in your house, not what we mean, when it rains in England (rarely is it a light shower).


What a cool idea, beers from the participating teams. Never thought of that.
I have a nice selection of IPA, DIPA and sours in the fridge. Due to snowfall, we will have some BBQ style chicken and steaks from the kitchen.

Go Buccs!

I just realized I have a Green Bench beer… now, I do not have anything from Kansas City, but If I feel fancy I may break into a Missouri beer… that said, I could save the Side Project and buy a Bud Light Platinum from a bodega.

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I will have some Gigahop and Jai Low on hand.
Oh and Brady can eat a dick.
I said it!

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Mission accomplished brew from Tampa and Kansas City. Go big or go go home DIPA vs Imp Stout


Super Bowl was a bit of an anti climax, too easy for the The Brady Bunch.

More hype than substance.


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Maybe the Chiefs will draft a motherfucking offensive line.

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Was easier then expected…

Or maybe have healthy one next year in Super Bowl.

Fair enuff.

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