Supermarket Sweep

Biere de Garde at Morrisons.

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Balls. I was in Morrisons yesterday but thought I’d had that.

I don’t know if the people of Frimley drink more than other towns in the vicinity but my first visit to the Waitrose in years reminded me that they have way more beer than the others around here. Probably about 50% more beer and an entire cider section. Picked up two And Union brews - Sunday and Unfiltered Lager. Not much more than the standard array of Craft or foreign beers but a load of more traditional breweries.

Innis & Gunn Gunpowder IPA, Stewart Radical Road and Stewart Crossfire, spotted in my local Lidl (Hanwell) this morning.

Hanwell has a decent bottle shop called The Nest run by a Seek family. I don’t go to lidl too much but will pop in.

Waitrose Oxford St…!


Spotted a beer advent calendar in Iceland yesterday. 275ml bottles, likes of Belhaven and Wychwood so not particularly exciting but may be of interest to some. £39.99.

The Best, I thought it was, not Nest! Yes, that’s just round the corner from Lidl.

Hi. I’m pretty sure it was originally called The Nest off license.

You may well be right - Google Maps shows ‘The Nest’, even as it simultaneously shows you a photo of the current shop sign, reading ‘The Best’. :grinning:

Tesco have got Bergenbier, if anyone needs a Romanian tick

New range coming to Waitrose:


Awesome. Boon oude gueze for 3.50 a bottle less than 5 minutes from me. Damn.


Marks and Spencer have a new Berry Cider from Westons in cans, a Katy and Rhubarb cider from Kentish Pip and a Raspberry Fruit beer from Adnams.
Also the Oakham double hopped citra ipa from Oakham is back in can this time.

TESCO currently have 8 Elvis Juice for a giveaway £9, great fridge beer and a bargain.

Fill yer boots chaps!

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They also have various new Fourpure, Vocation, Thornbridge and Camden beers. A number weren’t on here yet. Also various four packs of 'craft lager including a few I didn’t recognise.

Lidl Beer Festival starts today (Thursday 20th Sep), not the most exciting choices, but four new rates for me in their selection.


The Vocation Love & Hate is really top draw and only £3 per 440ml can, probably the best supermarket beer out there at the moment IMO. It sure beats paying the silly £7/8 per can for Cloudwaters fancy dan stuff. Tesco is improving rapidly for craft beer, shame about their poor quality food though!

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I bought a can of Vocation Breakfast Club on Monday. Need to see if it cost more than the £3 Tesco were sell8ng it for! Hogs Back shop already owe me £2 for the £9 They charged me for a beer labelled £7.

The Tesco I got to is next to a M&S so food’s not an issue.

Here’s the links to the Lidl beer lists:

England & Wales:

Five or so ticks for me on the E&W list, but mostly just bottled versions of cask beers I’ve already had. I must say I prefer the look of the Scottish list!