Supermarket updates

Cheers for linking that @dragnet101, Nine cheapo rates for me in there.

One of my local Lidl’s is a ‘Big One’ and always has them all when they have a beer fest.


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Lidl have added a Porter to their ‘Hatherwood’ range. Their annual Belgian packs are in store again too (£11:99 in Shropshire).




Still waiting for the Crewe Lidl to open - it can’t be long now …

Coming to a Lidl near you this summer …


Looks like more Badge Engineering to me

Thanks for this. I’m always up for trying a cheap new beer even though they do look awful. ‘Counter Culture Modern IPA’ from Lidl. :rofl: Sounds like a rip-off of Aldi’s Anti-Establishment IPA ironically. Who will try and imitate the Lidl version I wonder?

Spotted a new canned range in M&S this morning, mostly brewed by Harbour and Fourpure by the looks

Lidl having another ‘Craft Beer Festival’ from tomorrow: 29th July 2021.

Seven hits for me and some actual ‘new beers’ not yet on Ratebeer!



Interesting - I bet they don’t have any of them in Stafford though. And the Crewe branch isn’t open yet…

Aldi are now doing a Plum Porter in their own brand “Harpers Brewing” range. Does anyone know who actually brews this ? £1.29 a bottle and 4.8%.

I was wondering that too - it was excellent, by the way! Someone here reckons it’s Marstons, hopefully on good evidence.

Was in myb local Home Bargains today and discovered they had several US beers from breweries I’ve not seen bfore over here. Paradox (New York) and Tailgate (Tennessee)

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I’ve just seen this posted on FB, and am now trying to remember where my nearest Home Bargains is! If it’s the one I think it is, then the last time I visited it had no alcohol at all.

Forgot to say thy has beers from DC Brau as well, but I’ve seen those before in the UK

Home Bargains still offering weird stuff at good prices.


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Agreed, and the quality of their own supermarket offerings have improved although it couldn’t get any worse.

Problem is I don’t want to get into the top 50 of Merseyside on the basis of supermarket beer and I cant really afford Azvex beers at £12 a pint. Not until I’ve paid the mortgage off anyway! Might have to avoid the place.

I’d suggest Black Lodge. Good quality beers and available from the brewery or places like

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£12 a pint? Bloody hell.

Like a Daily Mail headline … Azvex in my experience are £5/6 a can or £4/5 a half in London … thirds also available

What was £12 … a DIPA or an Imperial Stout?

And whats a pint anyway?


30ml in Denmark…?