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Supreme Core Cider

Seems like this new place opened recently off in the NE. Only open on weekends. Anybody been yet? Good to have more DC ticks around.

Also, they say they do beer as well. Does that mean that the farmhouse saison we had at Snally was actually a saison and not just a saison-like cider? Snally lists as cider but I seem to remember thinking it was a beer, though that was early in the day and like 80 beers ago.

Anyway, even Maigua likes cider, so might be able to drag her out there sooner or later.

Haven’t been yet, but likely will before too long. The farmhouse was a cider, Christina checked first because of her gluten-free thing. Her lacking of getting ill is final confirmation that it was a cider, not a beer.

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“Our attempt at crafting a cider that resembles one of our favorite craft beer styles, this single variety cider is made from 100% Goldrush apples. Features strong tannins and spicy notes with just a touch of the ol’ barnyard upfront.”

Sounds fun.

You sure she actually has gluten issues? I just thought she was a hipster :rofl::rofl:

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My sarcasm detector is going off.

Hey @solidfunk, @radagast83 is more of a hipster than Christina. Think on that.

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Fine, I’ll seek some out just because I’ve had beer yeast ciders before & have been impressed.

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