[Survey] Experience of tasting together with friends and alone

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Hi Ratebeer!
I am a beer enthusiast and CS graduate student at KAIST designing a new way to taste and drink beer together.
Our team would love to hear about your stories on tasting together and alone. (I was very impressed with the online tasting events held here.)
We’ll share the meaningful(and fun) insights here in the forum once we aggregate the survey results.
Also, we will send $5 Amazon gift cards for randomly selected 10 winners!

I’ve done it.


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“I search for others reviews… (Untappd…)” didn’t find any, just pics and stuff, so I got back to basics with RateBeer :wink:

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Well you were lucky the beer was on ratebeer! And with a rating as well! What are the odds? :smiling_imp:

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