Swansea 8 august

Any ratebeerians who might want a drinking pal that evening?

You are getting around!

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A Ratebeerian being in Swansea !

On a Tuesday night !

I’d give you 250/1 on that.

Better luck with Bristol … but with that kind of notice it’s still 20/1 !

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That tells me you have to drink with both hands today @cunningham :beers: :tropical_drink:

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No British turned up
But one nice @rlgk from Sweden

Sheffield today… anyone?

Am up in Darlington but recommend checking out the Old Shoe Bar in Sheffield, it’s jointly run by the guy who owned the Cider Hole (which has now closed) and has only recently opened and probably not yet on ratebeer places: https://www.theoldshoebar.com/