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System editing my mail?


I have noticed I am getting ‘edit’ notification without me actually editing anything, it claims the ‘system’ is doing it. What is going on?



I am talking about old forum posts.



For some reason ‘the forum software’ deems it necessary to remove quotes of entire posts. First only of newly made posts, now also of old posts.

I think this sucks. As long as it was a short post, quoting an entire post makes things readable and clear what you are responding to. Of course quoting entire long posts is silly, bit that doesn’t really happen all too often over here, I think.


Thanks, I thought that might have been the reason. A bit daft in my opinion, now some of my replies don’t make sense!



And that’s because of the missing quoted text? :grinning:


One other reason for system editing posts is if you link images from an external website, the forum software will download them to Ratebeer’s server and then update the link in your post accordingly, causing the edit to appear.

Arguably redundant and a waste of resources, but it’s done to prevent broken links in the future in the case of the image you linked being removed from its website.


OK, I can understand that, thanks.



This is more serious than it seems I think, system is editing posts because they contain a quote of the whole text from the previous post but that “whole post” is often two lines and the answer doesn’t make much sense without the quoted text.
For example writes @cgarvieuk on the “What makes Untappd better” thread

-The reason i joined RB was that when ever i looked up a beer RB knew about it, where as BA didnt

I quote him and I write “Same here. Back then I had to add every other Belgian or Dutch beer I was rating.”

The quoted text has been edited and it’s disappeared, it’s literally one line of text, it’s not that it takes that much space.


Testing to see if it happens with quoted text from posts way up there.

Edit: Ok, at least it seems it deletes the whole quoted text only when you answer to the previous post only.