Tallinn and Helsinki

Myself and the Mrs flying into Tallinn, Estonia 2nd week of August and currently checking place ratings of both Tallinn and Helsinki (will be taking a full day trip over to Finland in the middle of our stay)

Apart from the current place rating positions is there anything new in either town over last few months that might not be reflected here yet and worth checking out?

Factoring in the following for our itinerary…

Tallinn (4 nights)

  • Põhjala Brewery & Tap Room
  • Koht
  • Õllepood Pothouse
  • Uba ja Humal/Taproom
  • Pudel
  • Hell Hunt
  • 100 Olle Koht (Tavern of 100 Beers)
  • BrewDog Tallinn
  • TapTap

Helsinki (1 day)

  • Oluthuone Kaisla
  • Sori Taproom
  • Mikkeller Helsinki (only a quick pit stop on way to the two above from Onepint)
  • Onepint
  • BrewDog Helsinki

Any other must see’s/recent places that should not be missed? We do get a fair amount of Estonian/Finnish beers here in Copenhagen, but any advice on good more local only distributed beer places greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hell Hunt is a waste of time. Their draft list is bad. Porgu in Tallinn is worth it, and it is a really cool space. Sip Shop is def worth it. It is near to Pudel.

Pien in Helsinki is a cool bottleshop bar. I would recommend. I was also very unimpressed with Kaisla (it is next door to Sori).

I will let the Estonians and Finns say the rest as they are pretty active here.

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Like Mansquito suggested skip Kaisla. Was best place in town 15 years ago but nowadays not even in TOP20 IMO.
My walking route list:


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Like mansquito said, you can easily skip Hell Hunt in Tallinn and no value is lost. Põrgu is great recommendation: good food+koduõlu on tap+nice selection of other beers.

If you’re going to Pudel area then I would add Sip, Humalakoda, and F-Hoone to your list. All 4 are close and worth a visit.

  • Sip is one of the better bottle shops in Tallinn.
  • Humalakoda is a decent modern brewpub. They do flights, so ticking is easy.
  • F-hoone is more of a food place, but has exclusive põhjala beers. It is located between humalakoda/sip and Pudel, so it is easy to pop-in for a beer or two, even if you don’t want to eat.

Põhjala, Koht/Pothouse, UJH, Brewdog, Taptap, and 100 õlle koht all have official untappd lists, so it is easy to check what is on the tap. Unfortunately only Koht/Pothouse’s bottle list is up to date. But they really have 800+ beers and if you don’t see something from the list in bar/shop, you can always ask them to fetch it from the cellar :slight_smile:

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Really glad I checked. Don’t know how i missed Põrgu/Sip/Humalakoda - all added now. For Helsinki cheers for the gen on Pikkulintu Ruttopuisto / Pien - these are the kind of places you can miss going on place ratings alone with them being fairly new.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Based on my May trip to Helsinki (and in addition to your list) Pien was the favourite place we visited. 8-Bit and the newish 2nd Pikkulintu are basically next to each other. Pub Peräkammaru had 4 Sahtis. Just make sure you don’t get 4 pints. But other than a few outliers they are all pretty close to each other.

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Check out my place ratings in Helsinki, March this year.

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Hel-only advice in this post, I’ll address Tallinn later if I see any obvious holes.

One Pint Pub can possibly be combined with your ferry between countries if you’re Eckero or Tallink. A must-visit venue, but slightly alone, combinable only with travel. Use the tram - it’s a longer walk than you expect to the harbour. (Check which harbour you need - there are several.)

If you’re using Viking Line, then your ferry may push you towards the Bryggeri brewpub - at least you can get Lammin Sahti there, and their house beers have not suffered from their recent change of brewer.

I have no idea why you’d want to to to places like Mikkeller or BrewDog, you’re immediately limitting your tick potential by going to places that specialise in imports from places that you are closer to when you’re at home. So I have to recommend Villi Waino, it’s a solid destination, and it’s Finnish only. (Also has Raum Sahti(s).)

And you can’t go from Pien to Villi Waino/Angleterre/Pikkulintu and beyond without going past Kitty’s, which might have a chance of English real ale (they pause during summer, so you might be unlucky). I mention Angleterre as it should also have real ale, and possibly real cider too, and is part of that cluster, so worth popping your head in.

Alko should have Finlandia Sahti, both strengths.

I’ve not done a whole bunch of the newer places in Finland, but am there next week, so will report any exciting discoveries I find.


Thanks all for the further recommendations and @FatPhil - that’s a good point regarding the ferry points/company’s not considered which one will be taking yet, looks like there is 3 different ferry companies and recommendations that we should pre-book in summer months. Not taking a car and just want to get over very early one morning from Tallinn, and come back later in the evening same day. Will start looking into this.

Tallink are way more frequent, but more expensive.
The day trip packages/timetables are optimised for the Finns going to Tallinn, rather than the other way around, alas.

I’ll leak a little bit of a Tallinn hint into this message: Kochi Ait brewpub opens really early for breakfast, and is right next to the harbour area (in particular Tallink), so that’s a useful optimisation that can start your day trip.

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About central Helsinki, with focus on finding Finnish craft beer:

Bryggeri Helsinki opens at 11 Mon-Fri (Sat 12-, May-August also Sun 13-) and is a decent brewpub in an area popular among tourists. Even if you arrive at the West Terminal, it might be a good idea to start here because tram 7 takes you just around the block.

Sori also opens at 11 Mon-Fri (Sat 12-, Sun 16-) and is definitely one of the leading craft beer places in town, but their focus is more international.

Pien (12- every day) is also quite international, but as such a cute combination of shop and bar is not to be missed.

Around the corner from Pien is Stone’s (11-), which as a place is a rather generic bar, but has quite a few Finnish choices on tap.

Villi Wäinö (14-, Sat 12-) is close by and dedicated on Finnish beer. For me the range is sometimes a bit boring, but for a first time visitor definitely worth a stop.

After the above, the time is likely past 15 and Pikkulintu Ruttopuisto is open. From there you can stroll downhill to One Pint (Mon-Thu 15-, Fri-Sun 13-).

Or, if you are keen on visiting Brewdog, you could stop at Black Door on the way there and take bus 21 (until 23:20) to One Pint. Black Door has several Finnish options among the 24 taps, and also cask ale, though that is normally British.