Tanker Brewery is raising funds!

Tanker Brewery, the Estonian craft-brewery, known for its unconventional, bold and interesting flavours, has recently opened their fundraising campaign on Funderbeam. You can find further information on their campaign page.

Has anyone tried their beers?

They were recently at Porto Beer Festival (Portugal) and will be attending the following events in summer:

  • Hard Rock Laager 2018 (Vana-Vigala, June 29)
  • Sour’d In Punavuori (Helsinki, June 29)
  • Craft Beer Helsinki (Helsinki, July 5)
  • EVPL Craft beer Festival (Tallinn, July 6)
  • Ottakringer Beer Festival (Vienna, July 15)
  • Sweet Spot Festival (Tallinn, July 26)

They have also won a RateBeer Bronze award for Hallucination, which is currently ranked #8 India Style Lager in the world.

What are the terms? I don’t want to make another account on a website just to read the terms and all other info.

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The terms are currently under negotiations with the investors, therefore may change.

Planned investment amount EUR 400,000 - 900,000
Equity offered to syndicate 8.46 - 17.21%
Pre-money valuation EUR 4,330,000

You can view the overview without registering, however the final terms and supporting documents will only be disclosed to registered investors.

To be honest, it’s not even obvious what the type of the “investment” is. They’re still an OÜ (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Types_of_business_entity#Estonia) which means it’s not any kind of equity, and there’s no mention of interest terms, so it’s not any type of loan. So I think it’s a stretch to call it an investment per se, it’s good will wrapped up in vague hints of the potential of good things happening in the future, which is only one step up from charity.

However, under the banner “crowdfunding”, that is a scheme that seems to have worked for many people many times in many different fields. But it’s also had some massive flops, most of which can be attributed to the funders not performing any due diligence at all - and basically backing the stupid, impossible, or downright fraudulent. None of those caveats apply to Tanker I am 100% sure, I’ve known the guys for a while, I like what they are doing and how they’re doing it, and with blue-sky goggles on, the whole idea of expansion is very sound. It’s the crowdfunding aspect that I object to, not Tanker’s vision itself. If I were to invest, I’d want to make sure it could be done with minimal possibility of regret. If Equity for Punks was your thing, and you missed out, and you have FOMO, then this might be right up your street. I’ll be heading to their taproom in the next day or so, I’ll have a chat to any of the big bods if they’re there, to see if I can satisfy my own curiosity. (Which might have to be at the expense of the information being for my ears only, don’t expect me to report back.)

Vague dIsclaimer: I have investments in at least one brewery.

[Edit: just want to add - I am not willing to agree to the T&C of the crowdfunding site presently, so I’ve not seen whatever documents are hidden behind that moral paywall.]