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Tasting while Travlr's around

Gene says he’s coming around to DC at the end of the month and down for a tasting, though he likely won’t be able to bring anything himself. Anybody interested around that time?

I’m probably down if we lock in the date before the calendar gets crazy.

Juggling the newborn, it’s very very unlikely I’ll make it out.

I would have thought you’d need at least three newborns before you start juggling them

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You actually replace the juggling balls with children as you have them.

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It was nice to see Gene when he was in town. We ran into each other at Dominion Wine and Beer.

I think time away from the city has mellowed him a bit. He seemed a bit more relaxed and less crotchety, but that was at the start of his DC visit, so I don’t know if it rubbed off or not.

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