Tavour's crappy selection

Just started using this app because I saw a Bullfrog variant for sale and bought it. Now I’m trying to fill up a box and it’s pretty tough. These guys only put one new beer on their app every day or so, and as often as not, it’s something I can find in good beer stores here in VA. Every now and then they post something really interesting but one beer a day is a pretty shitty selection. Seems like this isn’t always the case though? Maybe it has something to do with where I’m mailing to in VA? Anyone else use Tavour?

It goes from no beers on some Sundays/holidays to 3 or 4 on others. Many of their beers are not going to be found easily - Anchorage for example. A fair number of Portland and Seattle beers as well. Focus on style - right now I’m into lagers and heavies - getting a bit over IPAd and NEIPAd - except for Anchorage.

You get to choose your beers? That’s cool. I figured you got whatever THEY chose. Guess I’m flashing back to the old beer of the month clubs many moons ago. :rofl:

Ya, it’s cool in principal, though overpriced. And ya what @bhensonb said is great in terms of the Anchorage stuff they have available, and the Bullfrog grrrz I snagged. Kind of like you start filling up a box then they ship it in a month, though you can kind of shift when it gets sent. I’ve noticed it’s been about half stuff I can’t get around here and half stuff that I can. Neat idea, just kind of wish they had more selection. Mostly seems quality though so far.

They also have a beer of the month club it seems.

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Not available in my area. Sort of glad for that. Anyone remember letspourdotcom?

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I use it only for ticks in lesser states. There were a few TrimTab beers on their recently fattening up my Alabama ticks.

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How is shipping prices with them? I seldom do mail order due to getting annoyed with crazy costs unless special reason aka style ticking. Anyone compare the main craft beer mail order places from shipping fees point of view.

Like ~$15 no matter what size the order - may vary a bit with geography - they use GLS, which works well for me

That’s reasonable. May give a try. Other sites I feel I’m always at $40 for shipping and am like I may as well just buy tons more local beer for those dollars.


I felt that way. For awhile I tried to maximize my use of the $15 shipping, but ended up with more beer than I really wanted/needed.

Don’t use Tavour. I just go to Saraveza, Belmont Station or Beaumont Market and get what I want. But then, I live in Munchen an der Willamette.