Tell me about worcester pubs

wheres worth going.

Shit I thought you were visiting city of Worcester in Massachusetts, US which is 30 minutes from where I now live. Ah well


Not been for a few years and I was underwhelmed by the pubs and beer choices. However I believe the scene has improved greatly since then.

Hope you get some help, I’d be interested in the replies you get.


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Miss it. Sort of.

I used to live in Worcester in the late eighties and early nineties, I still support Worcester City FC and my mum still lives there (well just outside now) so I guess that I am quite a good authority.

I personally think that there are about 5 or 6 places that I would regard as very good to excellent, if you wanted to go for craft then Hop Lords which is very central is an excellent place with extremely well stocked fridges, about 6 on tap and a really good range of UK and international beers, I was super impressed with the selection a few weeks back, it is a small place, modern, simple, uncluttered but we really like it.

Tripel B is one of the best examples of a Belgian style cafe that I have seen outside of Belgium, the attention to detail is superb, and whilst not an exhaustive range of beers they do get some super good stuff in, we spent 2 or 3 hours there recently, loved it, you can tell that they are super passionate about the place.

The Plough is also great and is really close to the aforementioned Triple B and Hop Lords they are all super close to each other. The Plough is certainly more traditional, but they get some great beers in, usually, with a more localised West Midlands focus, I never got there last time when we were in the city a couple of weeks ago, but I am quite sure it is as good as it ever has been, also usually carries a couple of decent local ciders and perries.


Hi Craig; when were you thinking of visiting? There are a couple of brewery taps that open at weekends that are worth a look. Fin has given you 3 excellent, must visit places. I’ll throw in a couple more that are worth a visit.
Firefly, highly rated on here and is still pretty decent, if not quite what it was. You will most probably get some decent beer in there with a good chance of getting a latest Odyssey beer.
The Imperial Tavern is a Black Country Ales pub and a decent addition to this popular chain, quite traditional in style and can be quite quiet but with a decent chance of getting some local beers.
Worcester is a very pleasant city to wander round, I think you will like it.


Its a wed/thur visit for a work meeting. So just looking at options if i have time to hit a few places. But Fins info looks good. So i supect will build my plan round that

The Firefly as Glen mentions is also good and a few years ago was my favourite place but I haven’t been there for a few years now, hence why I never mentioned it. I haven’t really focussed too much on the traditional places other than the Plough, partly because I don’t think they will be your thing (in terms of beer). However the Paul Pry is worth a very quick look if only from a building perspective, it is a gem with great tiling and brickwork, likewise the Cardinals Hat and Eagle Vaults? (think that is the one?) are also lovely looking pubs. I haven’t been the Dragon along the Tything, which is a short walk away from the centre from Foregate Street Station which I suspect you may arrive at, but it used to be a regular place for me on match days on the short walk to the sadly disappeared home of Worcester City, namely St Georges Lane, The Dragon was brilliant for cask beer and used to get beers from far afield with some connection to Sheffield at one point.

I think that if your visit it short then the three I have mentioned will be right up your strasse!

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Also gonna sneak in a 2 stage Birmingham visit

Got an hour on way down, and then on Friday gonna goto tilt at 10:15 and maybe a few more before train home

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damn @imdownthepub just missed you in cherry red

ahhh sources tell me it was a few days ago. not live rating.don’t feel so bad missing you now

I was there yesterday, don’t like doing live ratings. They were looking forward to seeing you in Tilt, so I presume you had some feedback in there. Hope you had a great day…

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tilts on Friday, but i did ask if you were in there as you last rating was there :blush: