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Lager Lout 24 Bottle Wise Pack Save 5
I have just spent £60:00 with these guys, low alcohol beers are getting so much better and I need to drink less to be honest, so non-alcoholic stuff might help.


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Mostly (not all but mostly) macro, but £38.49 is really good for 24 new beers of any description. I know Beers of Europe do low alcohol beers under £2.00 occasionally but you can’t beat this.

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They’re on my ‘will perhaps order from one day’ list just because they stock a few London based commissioners that would be new ticks.

I bought the lager pack and topped it up with random stuff to reach the free delivery total, I now have about 30 low alcohol beers to rate and the wife has a few to drink (that I’ve had before). I think I have a few new breweries in that 30 or so beers.


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