Ten months on

This is the tenth month we’ve become house-ridden as a family. It has been challenging to find the state of mind to work from home, especially if all you have left with is a corner of the sofa since we were 4 in the apartment. Thank God my older daughter went to college early September and I was promoted to her work space.
For the first few months I was able to keep rating albeit at a slower pace, but the last 3-4 months it really trickled down to very few. I decided to opt out of my mug club membership of the neighborhood beer shop since I was feeling anxiety when I went there, despite all the precautions. After all it’s a very small shop. Nowadays I’m picking up 4 packs from breweries, especially on the New York - Rhode Island route since we visit our daughter about once a month. Yesterday I decided to put in some of the backlog and realized that I had only three ratings in October and one in November.
It seems that even with the impending availability of vaccines we will continue like this for up to a year. It will be a very tough year I believe.
How are you all? Are you coping well with the situation?


I know what you mean. This is my lowest rated year since I started on RB.

I usually travel for work and get to quite a few new breweries every month. In the last 10 months I’ve only been out of town 3 times. I might be going to CA for 1 more work trip, but everything is closed down again there, so it’s not worth even going (hope the boss doesn’t see this!).

In Utah, we can’t have beer shipped in, so I can’t even order anything.

Stay safe.



:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Seriously I feel bad for the residents of the five states that do this shitty thing.


I lived in nyc (as you know) for about 9 years prior to moving to house in Florida 3 hrs ago. I often think what’d be like during these Covid times back in my Manhattan apartment couldn’t quite imagine. Anyways what college in RI does your daughter go to that’s where I’m originally from. I’ll be moving back to New England in 3 weeks not RI though.


This is actually my highest rated year on site. I was on pace for more as I had already been to two major beer festivals and two tastings prior to lockdown. Since I’ve been buy a lot to support local breweries and store, also drank a few from my ever growing cellar. I do wish that we find something to allow festivals again in 2021. Zoom chat isn’t as much fun as in person.


This is certainly my lowest year for quite a while, I am really missing Beer Festivals, of which we would visit many normally through the Summer and Autumn. I am not particularly isolating and managed to get to quite a lot of places from when we were released in July to when we were re-incarcerated in November, so kept ticking over then, otherwise it has been a case of hitting the supermarkets, having a monthly delivery from Beer52 and trawling the on-line stores for bargains. I’m hoping for more normality in the coming months, even if it means taking the caravan to tier1 areas, the sooner we learn to live with this and dispense with the lockdown nonsense the better.


37 days since the last Covid 19 infection in my state (Victoria, Australia) which was the one with the major second outbreak. Things are slowly getting back to normal but there is still caution. Offices can go back to 50% capacity from tomorrow, pubs and nightclubs are open. Schools have been for 6 weeks or so. It was a long winter in partial lockdown, even though it never truly gets cold here and we were comfortable for money and space. It takes a toll and it was a real mental lift as cases plummeted and we could see the end. That plus the vaccine hoving in to view means the mood is good here.

Beerwise I haven’t been particularly restricted and will have a normal rating year - I limit my ratings anyway. When venues were closed State and Federal governments facilitated licence extensions to allow growler pours and takeaways to help businesses stay afloat. The general strategy was to freeze the economy in place and substantially eliminate the virus so that not too many business relationships got broken. It’s done well but there will be some lasting damage.


She’s at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

It’s mostly voluntary, we’d like to live a bit longer if possible you know

I was big into art in high school and visited RISD several times but not talented enough to get in.

I oddly applied for a job there a few weeks back as finance director but they weren’t interested. Cool area I expect to see you climb up the RI rating leader board next few years.

:grin: Possible.

Where will your next destination be in NE?

Massachusetts a suburb of boston

Congratulations to your daughter for getting in! I hope things are not too crazy at school as a resukt of COVID.

Thanks! Well they are testing them almost weekly, and about half of their classes are online, at the dormitory. The only good thing is they gave all students private rooms, no roommates.

I find I’m rating more than usual. I can’t go to two of my now favourite places, they are closed, hopefully temporarily and drink some desired beers there. So I go to shops and get bottles. We can eat and drink outdoors in tents, but it’s getting to cold and wet to do that here.

My rating is low, low, low this year. Not just beer. I like to contribute a lot of place rates, and while I got a fair few in for Jan-March, the rest of the year has only allowed me to rate two places.

I am finding that the beer I’m drinking is better because I’m hand-picking what I have as opposed to going down the local on occasion and spinning the wheel of chance, but it does mean that I’m missing out on quite a lot.

It’s been a tough year as I’ve had very little interaction with my older children since March. However I’m just happy that I’m healthy and my family are okay. A couple people I’ve known haven’t been so lucky.

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Shropshire is doing OK compared to some places in the UK and around the world. I have managed to rate 925 new beers so far this year (will be around 200 less than normal by 2021). Like everywhere else beer festivals have been cancelled and so have holidays I’d arranged around beer destinations (should be in Southern California even as I write this).

Drinking a lot more at home than is normal and my ‘stash’ has taken a big hit, luckily the UK internet beer options are huge, so no problems getting new stuff (if you have the money).

Stay safe everyone, my family (touch wood) are all fine and we haven’t been touched by the virus as yet.


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Rating is pretty low, compared to previous years. No beer festival ticks. Only one real local tasting this year. I’ve picked up beer to go from 3 local breweries a few times. I’ve been to a few breweries in remote areas that have had few COVID cases near my in-laws summer house.

Saving a bunch of money. I’ve also realized a whole lot of the beers I would tick are really similar. I stopped caring as much about trying to tick everything in sight, at least compared to how I was.

Most of my beer purchases have been growler fills and can/bottle purchases from the neighborhood bar that is probably going to shut down in the next few months, if not weeks. It’s very depressing.