Tennent's Heritage Series, Lager Beer

Bought a 12 pack thinking there were four different beers within the box; wrong, just four different labels on the same beer! Oh well, who knew I had never rated Tennent’s Lager before?

Lidl @ £6.99 for 12x 300ml bottles.


I did exactly the same thing. I now have 11 bottles in my garage.

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BBQ Beer, well that’s when mine will re-appear, sometime in the summer.


Did the same here!

On the West side of the pond ABINBev likes to change the can labels for advertising excitement. Collect them all!

Check this site out mate: http://www.cannyscot.com/


Thanks brings back memories of the quines on the lager cans.
BUt man do i feel old now.

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Pilsner Urquell is doing it in the US now… not sure if the same if Czechia though…

I got excited for some tens of seconds. Sadly …

I feel old too. But at least I’ve learnt a new word.

Would have 0 regrets about this :grinning:

What a bunch of Tennent’s noobs. Clocked that straight away. Celebrated with a bottle of gluten - free T in a pub. True story.

You obviously haven’t been to Aberdeen recently (or maybe ever).

This is on the wall outside Tennent’s at the mo. More of a pc-take on a classic…:wink: