Tesco - Recent Vocation beers in London?

I’ve been looking for some of the recent releases (Love & Hate etc…) but I’m not having any luck. I’ve tried New Malden, Vauxhall & Hackney plus some express’s over the last month. Any clues where they are hiding? Thanks.

They’re in the Reading Tesco Extra. Are any of the places you tried their larger Extra shops? Not sure if they’re stocking them in their medium or smaller sized shops.

If your desperate enough and can get out to Byfleet, they have them there. May be a shorter journey than some of those cross London ones.

Incidentally the Aldershot one had a similar amount of cans but quite a few were different.

Annoyingly, greater London Tescos don’t get the beer releases such as limited ed Guinness, Greene King and now the Vocation. Sometimes small quantities come in a couple of months after they hit the shires. The only ones i think you’d have a shot with are the Extra stores e.g. Neasden and Twickenham

You could try the large Tesco Extra on the Cromwell Road, Earls Court. Pretty certain I saw the Love & Hate at the very busy Tesco at Liverpool Street a few weeks back. Definitely a better selection in the burbs and beyond though.

Love & Hate 7.2% and Boys Breakfast Club have been in Tesco New Malden. I bought both there on 2nd October. Next time I’m in there I’ll check and update on this thread, unless you find them before that and update us.


Tues 20.11.18 @ 16.00 = Vocation Love Hate 7.2% and Vocation / Yeastie Boys Breakfast Club are back in Tesco New Malden together with Vocation Dirty Pilsner and Yeastie Boys / Vocation Solar Wind. Of course, this may mean that they have also appeared or re-appeared in other Tescos. Good Luck.


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Excellent. Thanks very much. I’ll head back to New Malden shortly. It’s my nearest big Tesco but I don’t visit too often.

Had the Love and Hate again last night. Bloody good beer