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Tesco UK vs Poland

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Why, when all the UK Tesco (and Sainsbury’s, and Morrisons, etc) supermarkets are amalgamated into a single listing, do we have to suffer every Tesco in Poland being listed individually? :confused:

Good question, however, the US does the same with their supermarket chains. So it might only be us (the UK) that does the sensible thing!


In fairness in the US selection in a Whole Foods in NYC will be totally different from one in Dallas or Los Angeles.

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Finnish supermarkets and Alko stores are all listed separately too.

The UK based Whole Foods are also listed separately. I guess they’re not viewed as bog standard supermarkets, however the UK (London) ones stock the same beers?

So the beer selection in every Tesco in Poland is identical?

They certainly are not in the UK, they stock different beers according to size and sometimes beers from regional breweries in their area.


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Same in Norway and Sweden too. But, here supermarkets ara only listed if they offer a better beer selection than other stores in the same chain. A supermarked can also be listed in Norway if there is a good selection local craft beer hard to find elsewhere. All state monopoly bottle shop in these three countries are listed seperately, most has a rather average or limited selection but others may have more than 400-500 craft beers. In Sweden, Systembolaget, can have good selection from nearby craft breweries.

A decision that was made here many years ago not to have every individual Supermarket in every part of the country filling up the maps, total waste of time as the information can be found easily anywhere on t’internet. We were doing the same thing with Spoons for the same reason but that was quite quickly rescinded, however there is a certain central office for spoons with some old generic rates for the chain. The other countries can do as they please but we will keep ours as it is.


I don’t think anyone was suggesting otherwise.

Although Whole Foods could do with amalgamating.

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I’ll take a look when a get some time. I hadn’t noticed them coming through.

I agree it made sense to amalgamate the supermarket stores. Only thing I will add, and I think this was touched on another thread, that it might be worth splitting out the online shop for some of these. For example on Morrisons online there is more than double the choice of bottled ales than the good sized store near me, although they do limit the 4 for £6 offer to about 20 bottles on each purchase.

Why is it sensible for them to be combined into one listing, if the selection at each location is different? Keep in mind there are several Kroger in town, but I don’t litter ratebeer places with them because the craft beer selection at these grocery stores is not great. How does one review a combined place? Take the average of the locations you have been to?

But Tesco’s are basically the same wherever you go, just varying in size but the range of beers are similar, same for Morrison’s, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Lidl and many more. All these stores can be found easily on their own sites it doesn’t need a beer site to tell us we have 6 outlets in a small town. If you go to another place you want to know where the best places are to get a beer or unusual packaged beers not where the supermarkets are. I’m off to North Yorkshire next week, I couldn’t give a toss where their Morrison’s is unless I need to buy food and I will look elsewhere on the internet. Unless the chain is fairly rare and specialises in local beers, like Booth’s then they should not be listed on here.

Finland is a good example. If you look at some regions there may be 20 towns of which 18 feature a single place, which is the local Alko off-licence. As far as I am aware you can order any beer that Alko have available online to the store of your choice.

I think the biggest argument in favour of merging them is that then we get a reasonably comprehensive list of all the beers currently available at that chain - and as the beers are largely the same nationwide I have a fair idea of what is available if I go to any branch of that supermarket (or at least, to the larger ones).

By way of comparison, if I look at the Wycombe branch of Asda on Untapped, there’s only about one beer rating per year there - far from a comprehensive list, and given the timescale those beers are probably no longer available there anyway. So our policy of one national listing has made RB much more useful than the yellow site in this regard!

I guess there could be an argument for having separate listings for different sizes of stores (eg Tesco Extra, Tesco Superstore, Tesco Express, Tesco Metro) as these do stock different proportions of their overall beer portfolio. However, I think that could confuse new/casual site users and dilute the beer list we hold, so I’m all for leaving it as it is. And obviously users in other countries are free to do what they feel best suits their own supermarket situation.

Of course, there’s also the plus point that you can get place ticks for several UK counties without actually needing to visit them… :smiling_imp:

I’ve noticed the online stores often seem to lag well behind the physical stores when new beers are stocked… for instance, the recent 440ml craft can additions at Sainsbury’s and Asda weren’t mentioned on their websites for some time after I saw them in the shops.

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I have an Aldi, but would never add a combined location for it. The beer selection at Aldi is not worth keeping track of, at that point I would be adding gas stations. I don’t really get involved with editing places in Europe and don’t have a problem with you having combined places, but where do these places show on the map? Do you just pick a location and use that address?

No, we list the Head Office.

I hate Poland it is full of tramps and smells like shit…

Sorry I meant Poundland!

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