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Thai place in Miami?

Just wondering how I should add this place: https://est33.us/

Basically it’s a real brewery - I was there the other day in Miami and saw the fermenter tanks and everything. They appear to brew local variations that I never saw in Thailand and that aren’t added to the site. I’m assuming it’s owned by Boon Rawd as well, which is a Thai company – the one that makes Singha etc. I’m inclined to just add these beers there like Est. 33 (Miami) - Beer name in the Boon Rawd already established. Thoughts?

Also they bill themselves as a Thai brewery, so maybe should keep the ticks that way?

So it looks like there is an Est. 33 in Bangkok now. The question, to my mind, is whether this is going to have different beers and recipes.

One of the ones here is called Brickell Brown, which is a neighborhood nearby. Can’t say they would share the recipes. I’m thinking for now of doing the option I noted, just adding them to the Thai brewery page for now. At least until new information comes to light

Emailing the brewery might be a good option. I checked UT and it doesn’t look like they split yet, but if they are brewing a Brickell Brown, I think splitting is probably the right choice and then aliasing the flagships brewed at both locations.

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