Thanks for spreading the word!

I just wanted to share a little positive news with you all.

Last week, we had more site visitors than in any one-week period in RateBeer’s history. Thanks for your enthusiasm and contributions that keep making RateBeer greater!




Good news. Are you tracking users who open a profile and contribute content? I hope so.


Our main goal this year is to increase engagement and we have a number of different metrics to track various types of interactions. We’ve made some gentle to excellent headway in all areas but we really haven’t enacted any of our major pushes yet. We’re just seeing baselines climb as a result of a few basic corrections to the web site and basic app improvements.

We have a lot more in store for everybody.

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I told my barber, but he doesn’t speak English so I doubt he ended up visiting the site.

My haircut lady often tells me she basically only drinks Natty Light when beer comes up, but I will mention RateBeer to her next time I’m in. Thanks for the tip!

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Writing the link on the bar tab has sometimes evoked interest!

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We need to attract the gals to RB. Untappd has bunches and bunches.

Do we all need to the full Monty??

No wonder Pinkie left.

She’s utopiajane now.

I think some more catchy topic titles would bring even more people, like for example my topic Beer Memes which going very well, thanks everyone who contributed.


I feel that Ratebeer needs a presence on a social media site as vast as Facebook. Untappd does it. Thanks to the ease of sharing a check in for both Facebook and Twitter.

Next time you rate a beer, click on the share with Facebook option. It ain’t hard.

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This is actually a decent suggestion. Personally, I wouldn’t use it, except maybe for milestone beers like 1000th rating, 5000th etc. and so on. But loads of people love sharing stuff like this. Very easy addition to the site, people who don’t care can just ignore, those that do care will use it.

Any reason in particular for this? Did RB get some press somewhere or was it all organic?