Thanks to all in NY and it sorounds

Well just thought id test the new forums, with a thank you to everyone whos taken the time
to meet up with me on my NY trip. Only half way through trip. But ive met up with eight different groups/people in five days. Its really added to my enjoyment of the trip. So Massive thanks

to you all :grinning:

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Cheers, Craig! Thanks for coming out and chatting over beers

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Hi Craig - I have one night in New York next week, before flying to LA and then down to San Diego on business. Any must do venues in your view, given my short visit please ? I particularly like IPA / IIPA and Imperial Stouts. I’m staying right near the Empire State Building.



Oh thats a Tricky one. Id have chosen something like Greenpoint Breer or ale or ICONYC , As i tended to enjoy the Brewpubs over the Bars Though Torst and Greenpoint are a decent combo if you wanna travel a bit

For Bars my fav was probably Alewife. But its so difficult to Judge places from one Visit.

But given one night id would b tempt to say not to travel far. But bar far my biggest Disappointment was rattle’n’hum. So i think Id still suggest Alewife combo’d with Fifth Hammer (brand new place but i liked)

But check opening times. As i havent. And check travel time but dont think they should be to bad.

Im sure you will have fun no matter what :slight_smile:

Questions wasn’t directed at me, but since I saw it I’ll give you my 2 cents. Ginger Man is the best bar within a 5 / 10 minute walk. Haymaker is also a fun spot, short walk as well. Lupulo is a really good restaurant with a good to great beer list that is very close, but be warned that the prices are on the high side - I think it’s worth the cost, many do not. Expand it to bigger area, and there are many good options.

Many many places in NYC keep their Beer Menus page up to date, so you can probably see the draft list at most before you go if wanted.

If you are willing to venture out more Long Island City (Queens) and various neighborhoods in Brooklyn are best for breweries. Manhattan not so much.

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Hi Guys. Thanks for the tips, as you suggest I will probably not want to go to far, so Ginger Man sounds like a good call and may be Lupulo for dinner and beer! I’ll also check out your suggestions Craig and see how far I get. I will report back. Cheers

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