That Isle of Wight Sadness…

That feeling when you see a bar has an Isle of Wight beer only to realise you’ve had it before.

This Isle of Wight Sadness was brought to you by the Tiny Taven, Lincoln.


For me it’s Isle of Wight Relief that I can have something nice instead!


I don’t think I’ve ever seen an IoW beer on tap.

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Anyone know an online joint that sells single bottles from the IoW?



Now that IoM is cancelled (which reminds me, I need to chase up the full refund), we’re heading to the IoW instead.

I was going to put an order in with Southwick Brewhouse. It was only when I went to checkout that a message popped up stating that I had to contact them first to order via mail so never completed it. There were two IoW beers that I’d not seen before (a lager and that Abbey one) plus they had various Hants and Dorset beers

I visited there on the way to Southampton @BeardedAvenger, back in 2019, no IoW beers there on that occasion. I will take a look at the website though, thanks for the suggestion.