The 450 North "scandal"

So, 450 North Brewing Company (Columbus, Indiana) released its Slushy XL Elephant Ears recently. Of course, despite 1400+ taps on UT, it’s not even on RB, but it might actually stay that way. Advertised as an 8% sour “conditioned on Blackberry, Raspberry, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Graham Cracker”, it was discovered through analysis that, in fact, it actually allegedly has 2.56% alcohol. In spite of some people changing their taps to 0.25, it’s still sitting at a stunning 4.42 out of 5. :smiley:

So, basically, a huge clusterfuck ensued, with many attacking them and having jokes at their expense, some fanboys (and girls) defend them, that it’s apparently still a highly tasty beverage anyway (hah), despite all the false advertising.

What’s you take on all of this? This is, in my opinion, the essence of the state of the late 2019 brewing scene. :smiley:

People like gross sweet stuff. Remember when “Not Your Fathers Root Beer” was a thing?

The stuff tastes fine, if you acknowledge that there is less brewing and more fruiting involved. The same can be said about a lot of adjunct heavy sours and stouts. I just had the purportedly unratable joose from The Answer, and it was excellent. It was excellent alcoholic fruit juice. As with the alcohol content scandal, if you are planning on getting drunk on that, then you will likely be sick. That said, I think it is a reminder that drinkers need to take the calculations provided by brewers with a grain of salt.

They have sent their beers off to other labs, and the next release will have no ABV on cans, which assumes a more widespread problem. Obviously bad they messed up / lied. They have said they will get future slushies abv tested independently so the abv is accurate. Will be interesting to see if they up the abv or not. May try to trade for some in the new year, as they do make delicious alcoholic fruit beer, and the asking price will be way down. It’s sad that a lot of people in Indiana can no longer make a living flipping cans at $15 a can on secondary.

I’ve never understood the hype. They use the same base beer (allegedly a Berliner Weisse - have been hoping they would sell it but they haven’t AFAIK) and then add a fruit puree after the fact. Yeah, they taste good, but fruit juice generally does. I’ve had a couple at the brewery - a sample worth is about all I can handle - complete sugar bombs, and at $16-24 for a 4-pack and understandably short shelf life due to the fresh fruit, I’ve never been interested in them. The releases are always on Friday mornings (I’d have to take off work so that’s yet another reason I’ve never went) and have gotten so bad that some people camp out for a couple days beforehand (it will be interesting to hear how tomorrow’s release goes):