The Andalls at The Answer

Why exactly are they not rateable? Nimbleprop opined on this, but I cannot recall the specific reason(s).

This is NOT my rule, this is a site rule. You know that generally, I don’t give a shit.

Oh, I wasn’t blaming you. I just recalled that you knew the reason, but now I cannot recall the reason.

It has to do with ingredients being added post production. Technically, cask variants are created at the final stage of production. To some, it’s a slippery slope (that’s a legal term).

It’s as if City Taphouse bought a keg of Founders Porter and ran it through an andall that had live bees in it and called the beer “City Taphouse Beehive Porter”.

Again, I am not saying this is the right way of going about things, I am just stating the current site position.

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Yes, now I recall, thanks for the explanation. Also, I want that bee porter.

I was just there and while most of the Andalls and Joose beers are pretty good, it does suck that they aren’t rateable.

I’m not asking for them to be ratable, but there’s nothing quite like getting 3 flights and sampling a few other beers at a brewery and coming out with only 5 rates.

I did notice one weird thing. One of the beers I’ve had from them is currently unratable because it’s listed as an Andall: “The Answer Ich bin An Berliner (Andall)”

Most of the Untappd ratings are from Beltway Brewing, When I had it it was definitely not run through a Randall. Maybe there were two different versions of this beer?

I didn’t see this thread before so I will provide some explanation.

It’s not so much that these are served through a randall, despite the name of the series. A few are, but I believe most are kegged and served through the regular taps.

As @nimbleprop said, The Answer is using other brewery’s beers to create these. There were several Andall beer created with Anderson Valley Berliner Weisse, several more created with Founders Imperial Stout, and who knows what they’ve used since then.

Of course it’s possible they are also using their own beers to create some of these. But the admins need clear standards when they are working. A beer that may or may not have been made from their own beer and that may or may not have been further treated in some other way falls below those standards. Not only were most, if not all, of the early Andalls made with someone else’s beer, but when one of these is released, there is no way to tell how it was made. Hence the policy.

I am no longer the Virginia admin, so @hershiser2 will have to look into whether two versions of this were made. The Joose thing happened well after I moved away from Virginia, so I know absolutely nothing about those.

I have not talked to The Answer regarding the Joose beers, but I did find a tweet where they refer to their Joose beers as being Andall as well as some other evidence, so I added the note about those being unrateable too. Honestly, keep a separate rating in your own notes - god only knows what’ll happen in the future.

But yes, they were running beer (often times not their own) through he Andall, kegging it, and shipping it off. I made the argument to allow those types, BUT as @Drake said we don’t know if they’re using their own beer for any of those (which at least often times they are not). Also, there was the point made if you were to have something like Berliner (Purple Potato) that they had brewed and kegged and shipped elsewhere and we did say that was rateable as it was kegged, but then if someone else had the same beer Andalled right there at the brewery, but never kegged, that would be unrateable… that would get more confusing than the run-on sentence I just typed.

@Drake did some good research on this last year, and where I initially was pro-inclusion, after all I’ve read, I have to agree that keeping them out is for the best (unless we end up with a new style called Post Manufacturing, which would be a nightmare).

I also agree that we should keep the Andall beers as unratable. However, my specific example is almost certainly a beer that is ratable.

Ich bin An Berliner, at least as I had it, was brewed at a contract brewing facility, Beltway Brewing and not at The Answer. This means at the very least it’s definitely an Answer beer and not someone else’s beer they’ve tweaked and sold as their own. They definitely didn’t run it through a randall when they poured me the beer from the Beltway taps.

As for whether they randallized it at Beltway, I’m not certain on that. It seems unlikely, but if you want me to, I’m more than willing to ask them directly next time I’m there to see if they have ever run Answer beers they’ve contract brewed through a Randall before kegging. They might not give me an answer, but I’m willing to ask.

Maybe it’s a case of two different versions of the same beer? One randallized and one not. Untappd’s description of the beer only says “Berliner Weisse” without mention of any fruit additions. Ratebeer says “Berliner Weisse with Peach and Apricot.” I had it over a year ago, so I can’t vouch for the flavor profile by memory, but my rating doesn’t mention anything fruity at all, which leads me to believe that what I had didn’t have any peach or apricot.

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This is a great new word. Like vandalized but not haha