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The Aslin location odyssey

Seriously what the hell is going on with Aslin? Are they ever going to move into a new place or is there just a curse on them? How many planned new places have fallen through now? Is it bad luck or just bad planning at this point? Anybody got the inside scoop?


You always have the answers for me @bhensonb

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Hopefully this time actually works out


Out of interest, how long has it taken them? One of my local breweries was listed as closed on various sites from around Sept 2017. Then an update appeared on their website stating new equipment being installed for July 2018. Just got the first update in over a year stating that they just launched the first beer from the new equipment.

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I’m not entirely sure, but almost since they started and become instantaneously hyped, at least in the local area. I’d say that within 6 months of opening. I’d guess that was three years ago without looking at first rates on this site.

I remember going with @Travlr, in November 2015. He was headed to another brewery and I was just arriving, late as usual. He told me I had to go in and try the beers. The place was empty that day, which was a Saturday or Sunday. I went less than 2 months later in January 2016 and it was packed, and packed every other time I went until they had to shut down on-site consumption.

The last time I was there was November 2016, I think they shut down on-site soon after that, so they were open just over a year before they stopped on-site consumption.

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