The beer belly

My wife cannot drink at all so will never understand the delights of beer. But she does understand its calorific effect and has started to point to my stomach in a meaningful way. Are there are reviewers over 40 who drink and remain slender as the proverbial racing snake? (If the answer involves elaborate gym routines I’m impressed but unlikely to emulate). So if there is a miraculous cure, share it…
It’s enough to drive you to drink.

Drunkorexia. Calories in is what you have to count, if you want to have beer you just have to cut back on food. Long term health benefits not included.

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Exactly! Starting the second half of fifties very soon, I only do two things to keep my beer belly in a reasonable size: walk to work and back (which is the reasonable thing to do in Manhattan anyway) and skip dinner when I have more than 3 Pints in the evening :beer:

Well yeah, garbage in, garbage out. But I go for no more than 2 pints a session since one third craft measures became widely available and I already do 12k on the fitbit most days. So I need either magic or wisdom and preferably both.

I would say pay closer attention to calories and carbs from food, then either choose lower alcohol beers or shorten your sessions. That’s my regimen but what do I know?

Well another suggestion was do day rather than evening session to allow the body to process the calories especially carbs. Not easy if you suspect that beer breath at work is not ideal.

define slender. im as tubby as i was before my ratebeer addiction and increased beer drinking kicked in. but im not skinny as my 21 year old metabolism kept me


I think we all know that beer can cause the stomach to swell so you look different from the side. It’s not the weight which is less than it was a decade ago but it is the belly…( and spare me the photos!).

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I’m way under forty, walk everywhere and my beer belly is getting bigger by the day…

Kind of same. My belly seems to increase when I put beer in it, but as soon as I visit a toilet it decreases a bit.
Ohh yeah I’m not fourty plus… yet.

I’m into my 60’s and have been drinking beer since I was 16. I maintain a BMI of between 23 to 24, nicely within the healthy range and have always done this whilst still enjoying many beers. It takes work I have to say, watching the rest of my diet and rarely driving anywhere, walking whenever I can, often taking on very long walks. The most difficult period was when we had children at home as you have to give your time to them. In a way I was quite lucky as I was always able to walk or cycle to work, even when I worked shifts.
So no I don’t really have a beer belly and it is possible to drink beer and not get one.

Well there has to be some personal metabolic variation. I may be trying to avoid the fact that although I too walk rather than drive I don’t do much to strengthen what they call the core muscles. The abdominals are like a balloon from last Christmas. So I guess that doesn’t help. But reps are repetitive!

Get a (non-motorized, duh) bike.

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I’m 60 and I drink an average of 5 to 6 pints a day every day. I’m 6 foot 1 inch and weigh 198. I’ve always had physical jobs and I’m currently a Brewers assistant. I’ve never been a gym rat or a runner though, so I’m sure physical activity has alot to do with it

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I’m 49 and have just about managed to keep on top of the weight and beer belly issue. Like others I walk a lot always do over 10k steps a day on my Garmin, aim to do 5-6k before starting work (averaging about 16k plus most days) we go to the gym spinning twice a week and eat healthy, salad every day at work and three bits of fruit, we also try to have every Mon, Tues and Wed where we we don’t drink unless we are off out to a gig or other planned event, we have been quite disciplined with this.

Quite a lot of the problem is how much you eat while you are on a drinking session, when the hunger takes over and all that is available is the unhealthy, fatty stuff, which to be fair is exactly what you require when your defences are down or snacking on crisps and peanuts. I really force myself not to scoff stuff when I am out drinking, but it is hard to resist at times.

99% of the time I don’t eat at a bar or pub and it is partly down to the fact that most items are high salt and/or high fat. Lets face it peanuts and pretzels are intended to boost the thirst. I recall a very good barmaid in Georgia who offered water to hydrate with your beer but in England that would be rare indeed.
Currently I hover around 13 stone weight wise (182 pounds or 85kilos) which is okay for 6 feet. But as the decades scroll by, it seems only hard work can save the body from its pleasures. Oscar Wilde nailed it: The only sure way to deal with temptation is to yield to it. I raise a glass to that.

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Unless her butt is the same size it was when she was 18 she needs to lay off the beer belly comments

Leaving aside the vexed question of whether criticizing someone else’s appearance to defend your own is likely to foster cordiality, my wife is a former gymnast who still does an hour of exercises morning and evening so your strategy may not fit my predicament. She probably has a butt that 18 year olds would envy. But then again so do I :blush: it’s the front and side view that is beer impacted.

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Jogging . I’m 36. I’m a functioning alcoholic. I jog. I don’t have a beer gut.

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