The beer belly

This is where I’m @ right now. I’ve probably gained 15 or so pounds since my kid was born. Time that would have been spent running or hiking or working out just doesn’t seem to be there as much anymore. I’m also more likely to go get shitty fast food for myself than spend the time making an actual nutritious meal. Or maybe I’m just getting old.

Workout 45 minutes six days a week. Watch your carbs. But at the end of the day watch your calories.

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You will make it. Push the buggy or whatever. And once s/he can move, join in. The calories will burn (and you will both need a drink).

Bad part for me in being tall with skinny arms and legs - when my paunch gets too large, I look like I’m pregnant. But I have a really damn active metabolism and though I do not work out, I remain pretty active and my work days have me walking from four to eight miles a day, so no massive gut.
But my six pack resides in the fridge.

Try eating less and jogging more

Gary’s on the money here. Exercise, or at least keeping active, is key if you want to consume a lot of something. For a long time my lifestyle involved a lot of travelling and very little exercise, and usually at the end of a long trip abroad, especially in the US, I’d return with an impressively round stomach pushing out my shirts. This wasn’t from beer, as I wasn’t drinking much back then. It was purely a lack of exercise. As I was burning less calories I wasn’t as hungry, and would get by with a croissant in the morning then a meal at around 7pm. And I’d still pile on the pounds. I then changed my lifestyle, am much more active throughout the day, eat healthily, and have managed to avoid being overweight, despite drinking a lot of alcohol. I’m 36, so hopefully this can be maintained for a while.

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Maybe you should quit being a selfish glutton and take care of yourself for your child(ren). There’s more to life than alcohol. Sad!


Are you fat shaming me? I have half a mind to write a strongly worded blog post!!


No one is advocating either child neglect or alcoholism. I reckon I was a 2 units of alcohol a week at most when my kids were home. The youngest is now 25. So, left empty nested, I reckon it’s at least 21 units a week these days perhaps more because craft ale favours high abv, but rarely do I drink more than 2 pints a day. So the issue is how to maintain body shape and fitness while enjoying moderate drinking. The answer seems to be regular exercise, controlled diet. No surprise there (more is the pity):unamused: