The Case for Longer Region List

I think there is a real case to increase the list of top raters of beers from a region from 50 to 100.

Note: The is only based on England, but think it applies wider.

1 - Part of the USP for RateBeer is the stats that are produced so keeping stats inclusive and not exclusive for high raters has to be important
2 - There are only slightly over 200 different users represented in the 50 places across all 46 English regions
3 - It takes over 440 rates to make the Top 50 for Greater London, this huge number and would take most users years to achieve.

Thoughts anyone?


Since more stats are more stats, this is a good idea.


I like this idea. Some of those regions are so high that it will take years to crack even if people stop rating. I like that they changed the style leaders to 50 vs 25, but could see that being just as beneficial being 100.


I agree 100%! It would also be nice if there were more regions, too (and I am sure plenty of non-admins would love to help put breweries into their proper respective regions).

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I’m 100% for literally any proposal that would increase statistics here.

Btw Greater London is crazy, I’ve been rating almost 3 years now and only have 170 rates from there. Nowhere near the top 50 and I doubt if I’m even in the top 100, but it would be nice to see it, and it should at least show our own position at the end if we’re not in the top so we can see how far off we are.

This too. I know this proposal got mixed opinions with some saying it’s pointless but that’s not a valid reason for not doing it. Some said it would be harder to find certain breweries/places because users who aren’t local may not know the region. I don’t see that as valid either. If you’re going somewhere it’s not hard to find out what region you’ll be in, and once joet solves the issue with search it shouldn’t be a problem anyway.

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I am also fully behind this proposal. The more inclusion members have the happier they will be to stay and Stats, like it or not, are our strength. It always does seem that the powers in charge would wish to ignore what makes us Ratebeer.


Good idea