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The Case of the Apostrophe ' aka ' special character


I know it(’)s not probably not new but we french people like to use that special character lot. You english people use it too, don(’)t you? (see what I did there)
If someone does a search using that character, you don(’)t receive any result.
for example, try finding “La Gare’nison” or “La Gare nison” brewery and you won(’)t find any beer or brewer results unless you type “La Garenison” or “La Gare( & #39; )nison” (which seems to be the character equivalent when you add a new beer from them on the database)

Coould this be fixed?

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Same thing BTW with ( aka & #40;
and ) aka & #41;


Searching La Gare’nison finds the brewery and beers for me.


Well now the search also return results to me too…that’s weird… I hope it stays that way :stuck_out_tongue:
but the & #39; still appear on the Add Beer page…


here’s 2 characters (with even more variants) representing the apostrophe
( ’ ) U+2019 the one that **** it all
( ’ ) U+0027 the one used with standard keyboard, and the one googlemaps uses

You would need to force the first one to be displayed as the second one…because right now, it causes a lot of trouble with Places Display, Beer listing order, etc…
This would mean to force (U+0027), (U+2019) and maybe also (U+201B), (U+02BC) and (U+2018) to become all the same, site wide to prevent those problems.