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The end is nigh

Thank fuck. I only have to drink 12 more milkshake IPAs till I reach 50 and never have to taste another. That is all.


I think the moderators should divide milkshake IPAs into further styles. That way you could have loads more!

  • IPA - Milkshake
  • IPA - Milkshake - Session
  • IIPA - Milkshake

I’m sad about the low alcohol break out. I’m shooting for 20 of every style so lots of these left blah. Alcohol is the best.

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You forgot:

IPA - Milkshake Dark
IPA - Milkshake Rye
IPA - Milkshake - Flavored Fruit
IPA - Milkshake - Flavored Other


Jesus stop it you’ll give certain brewers ideas - there’s no going back :rofl:

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I thought the rule was you could not stop until 100.

I’ve had 6. Yay me!! :neutral_face:

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Shit if thats the rule then I’d have to drink more pumpkin beers too. No 50 is more than enough

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IPA - Milkshake - Extra Custard
IPA - Milkshake - Extra Custard - Low/No Alcohol



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Latest version of one of my favorite local beer series (a fruited sour) has lactose in it. They were doing so well!

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IPA - Milkshake - kvass
IPA - Milkshake - traditional

I have only had 17 of the milkshake IPAs and don’t plan to go out of my way to have more. So 50 for all ratebeer styles?

That’s a vague goal I set for myself. AKA I drank pumpkin beers till I hit 50 then have never paid a dollar for another one unless like I had no possible other alternative in a flight of four or something, or someone brought one in a tasting or something. I mean same could be said about several styles really. It’s not like I’m really that excited about the dunkelweizen or krystalweizen styles, taste wise. But I’m definitely excited when I find them. Shit even when I was in Berlin a couple years ago I only managed to find a couple of each of those.

I feel like I easily have 100+ milkshake IPAs in the backlog. What an undesirable style. I had one recently that had Motueka and Moutere, which were completely covered up. A crime against hops. I’d rather have a pumpkin beer any day.

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Ya, I think the first couple I had were decent, novelty beers, but at least made well by someone like Tired Hands. Then once everyone started jumping on the bandwagon it was like “ahh shit, here we go…”

Tired Hands is cranking them out now. You should just drink 12 of those and put the matter to bed.

Ugg. Do they still only have 8 taps at their brewery? I’d hate to visit that place again and 4 of them be milkshake IPAs. Aslin is always doing them here too, so sooner or later I’ll have my 12.

Milkshake IPA’s are gross. Lactose should pretty much be left out of beer in general IMO.


OK, now I understand from where ABInBev got their ideas for the current RB styles … (as they didn’t come from admins).

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