The Experiment - Verdant Brewing / Pressure Drop Tap room

Ended up visiting the place this wkdn, surprised it was not yet on the database. Really interesting collab taproom and prime location to drink their beers at a more than decent price.

An admin could fix my entry as the map location ends up in the sea.

Weird, could have sworn I added that to the database when they revealed it.

Not that it really matters since it’s a collab taproom but I probably would set it as Pressure Drop since it’s located at their old site (probably explains the tanks you saw) and the name is based off the beer they made recently, though I wonder if admins have the ability to set two associated brewers to a place…

If an admin fixes up the address might as well fix up the web presence too. as the website URL as they at least made the effort to write a paragraph more than Verdant did.
FB: not Verdant’s page
TW: TheExperimentE8

Might be useful to write in the notes that the venue is card-only, no cash accepted.

Ok … I’ve made the changes above and I’ve amended the name to ‘The’ Experiment and added the two brewers concerned in brackets.

@sebletitje … searching ‘Experiment’ under places found it for me straight away.

One other double check you can do is look up the area of London the brewery is in … in this case Hackney.

I realise this isn’t always obvious to those who don’t know London so well … as such the duplicate entry you added was not listed as Hackney … simply “Greater London”. Perhaps this is why your entry ended up in the sea ? Perhaps not ?

You can only affiliate one brewer to a venue … we first encountered this some years ago when Anspach & Hobday shared their taproom with Bullfinch. Therefore best to affiliate whichever brewer supplies the most beers on tap.

@sebletitje … copy / paste your review to the original entry

post back here when you’ve done and I’ll delete the duplicate.



Moved the rating, thanks for the help. Somehow only kept looking at it as Verdant taproom.