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The failed West Coast IPA

I’ve been encountering a lot of breweries recently that typically make, or are known for, NEIPAs trying to brew West Coast IPAs and failing hard. Ends up like a shitty NEIPA, with none of the backbone or bitterness that the American OG IPAs have. Kind of makes me question whether they knew how to make an IPA in the first place or whether they just override any other possible aroma in beer by doing the double, or triple dry hopped thing.


They fear so much that a clearer beer will not sell well with all the Haze Craze that they don’t want to stick to the original recipes


Ya, like they try this hybrid style which ends up brutal. Seriously, when I buy a West Coast IPA these days it’s because I actually miss and want the bitter ass finish. That’s the whole point. I liked that bitter end. I think that part of the West Coast IPAs is poorly understood out there.


I’m with you. I’m totally sick of sweet “IPA”, pineapple peach juice beer and whatever that shit is that irritates my throat going down.

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Most places were never nailing the West Coast IPA back in the day either, even in California I imagine. Going to pop open a Stone in honor of this thread. What is your favorite West Coast IPA?

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Stone IPA is always a great choice. True and authentic Westcoast IPA. But I always get the impression it’s too „weak or simple“ for many new wave beer drinkers out there. But in my opinion it’s just perfectly balanced.

Green Flash WC IPA was one of the best! At least the original recipe was. It’s a bit tricky finding a normal IPA nowadays.

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HM: Fresh Squeezed

Screw the ones that can’t make a good west Coast IPA, let’s stick to the classic brewers!


Ya I like the Green Flash one too. Most of Stone’s stuff, Sierra Nevada is reliable. Russian River DIPAs.

I suppose that’s true. Hence the success of some of those California famous IPAs.

I always found Green Flash to be a little too much of a palate wrecker, especially that red IPA they had.

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Yeah! Wasn’t it great!! :rofl:


I used to feel this way back in the day, but I felt like that beer either went downhill, or other brewers started brewing better examples of the style. For truly west coast, it’s hard to beat Sculpin or PtE.



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