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What is the greatest brewery of all time?

Please defend your choice with at least a sentence or two.


“It is what it is”

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I’ll never forget when HogTownHarry showed up and gifted me an entire duffel bag full of Premium Canadian Beer. Greatest moment of my beer life.


Area 51 Craft Brewery in Riverside, California (RIP in peace).

An unforgettable experience for all those who tried their beer.

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5 Stars. I once offered a Steelback to a streetcar driver from my entire backpack full that I had liberated from a beer festival . He politely declined.

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One of the next thousand or so breweries that start up. Know that!

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Genesee Brewing has been giving adult men diarrhea for nearly a century.

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Bert Grants.
Some of their latter seasonals weren’t quite on the same level but clearly they are the G.O.A.T. Did anyone on forums actually go to the brewpub?

Three Floyds was a contender until they shut down the bar, now they are quite boring to me. I will never go to Munster again if they don’t reopen, but driving by that Calumet exit gets me worked up.

Hill Farmstead? I’ve never been, but to me the G.O.A.T. needs to let me drink more than two beers. Do they still have that rule?

Sierra Nevada. They seem to have a really bad marketing thing happening now, putting it all on crappy Little Thing variations. I’d love to see them get back to classic styles, which they excel at.


Westmalle. Created the Tripel. Best Dubbel?

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Yeah Hill Farmstead has that rule and what is worse you have to reserve weeks in advance for opportunity to drink two beers.

Wait, what? Even if you manage to go there, you’re only allowed to try two beers? If so, how does this work?

Yes, they have had a two (full) beers per person rule for some time. I believe it’s largely due to their pretty remote location, but maybe someone else can correct me/provide more details.

Not sure if this is still the case, but they used to allow you to try small (approximately 1 oz) pours of everything on draft. So, you could try all 10 beers or whatever before you decide on a draft or bottle order.

Quality, Consistency, variety, availability and value! Sierra Nevada.

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That’s why it’s called Scream Ale

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