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The IPA cellar paradox

My cellar is growing too large, and I think I finally realized the guilty party: IPAs. Every time I go to a beer store and buy a bunch of ticks, I end up drinking the IPAs right away, especially as more and more hazies keep popping up, and throwing the rest of the stuff in the cellar. Now I have this issue where I only ever drink the IPAs as I don’t want the taste to die out and my cellar just keeps growing with everything else, ie stouts, Belgians, other random stuff. Anyone else have this issue?


Yup 100% have this problem. The secondary problem is bottle size, which also compounds the IPA problem. IPAs in NY are almost always in pounders, so on a Wednesday, when I drink a beer it is much more likely to be 16 ounces of IPA than 750ml of stout or sour saison.


Ya I end up just saving those for tasters or parties

Stop buying IPAs.


Solution: Once or twice a week drink a bottle from the cellar. Hard work, but everyone should do it.


Counterpoint. Stop buying 750s of stouts and saisons that you’re not gonna drink.

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Yup. Just drink IPA’s

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I’ve quite buying IPAs for the most part and doing exactly this. I started making a spreadsheet and putting in the month and year I purchased it and try to not let it get past a certain time frame so I don’t have decade old stuff laying around. Of my 250+ bottles, at least half of them are a 1+ or older.

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Same problem here. Drinking all new IPAs first, then trying to get through all the summer fruited berliner weisses… my beer cellar is full of strong stuff dating from 1 to 4 years old…
I guess I’ll have to make some friends to help me…I was always afraid this moment would come…


Did you notice a sudden increase in friendly people? :grinning:

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