The King of DC

Looks like I’m going to be the new King of DC ticks soon since @Travlr moved away and doesn’t rate here anymore I’m only 100 or so off from argo0 and he quit the site. Basically means a Canadian has taken over your nation’s capital. That’s about as DC as Alex Ovechkin…



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Looks like being able to go to Right Proper all those times really paid off!

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No I think this is just overall. But really it isn’t true since I technically live in Arlington, I just haven’t accepted it yet internally. I think a few of you guys still win on the actual ticks from DC list. You’re the king of Virginia on the “raters from Virginia list” @radagast83 and @Travlr still rules the most DC ratings tick, with @nimbleprop on second. I’m at third but still like 150 DC ticks behind Gene. That’s a lot of trips to Right Proper, where I’d get 3-4 every month or so max. Blue Jacket is easier to gain deez tickz at but not these days - only do pints and limited draft menu last time I was there.

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after watching the Great on Amazon , huzzah! is never the same.

It’s always Simpsons for me.