The Mondial de la Bière in Montreal is moving back

Last week, the Mondial’s Facebook page announced that they are moving back the Windsor Station and Courtyard for the next three years. They were on this site from 2003 to 2010. Since then they were at the Place Bonaventure (two blocks east) for two years and at the Palais des Congrès further.

So far the reaction on Facebook is very favorable of the move, mostly because not a lot of people like the last two location. Bonaventure as all indoors we bad acoustics. And Palais des Congrès was divide in in an indoor and outdoor section, but you could not get a beer from the inside to drink it ouside.

With the Windsor location, you could go in and out of the station and even in, you felt like you were outside. The drawback is it is smaller in space, plus the courtyard underwent renovations and it’s now smaller, they added a reflecting pool! Not to mention that in the last year there (2010), the Montreal Fire Department had the Mondial removed all the tables and chairs inside and almost all of them outside (there were onlu three tables), for security reasons.

So the question, why the move, why three years, were will they go after that and will there be more than three tables on the site?

omg canada :expressionless:

They should move back to France - Mulhouse - Strasbourg - Colmar…

It’s not a Canadian thing, it was the policy of that convention centre. Since there was no direct access between the convention room and the outside, you had to go through the hallway and this is where you not allowed to carry beer.

This definitely sounds like Canadian-style pedantic over-regulation and licensing of public and semi-public spaces :joy:

When is this again? One of these days I’d like to make it out there.

Winsor Station and Courtyard, located next Bell Centre hockey arena in downtown Montréal.

The beer fest in Quebec never had any problem, as far as I know. I can’t say the same thing for the reste of Canada. Each province regulats theis events.