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The new comments in the activity feed hurt the site's goal

Completely see your point. I always try to remember that 2.7 is technically the “middle of the road”. I usually end up assuming 3.0 is the half way mark because we can go below 1.0. Either way, that is still in the range where one would assume the beer is alright, but I do agree with some others that appearance alone can skew it a touch. I’ve had beers that might get an extra .5 because of appearance or or lose .5 because of appearance which can make a big difference. No matter what, I hope people don’t rate higher or lower because of opinions or feel the need to. Is there even a beer on Untappd with less than 4 stars?

People, I’ve created a poll concerning this particular issue, one that I consider to be fair and balanced. Let’s see how RB’s users vote! :slight_smile:

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Just saw “This beer has fans.”


and what is this?

It feels like a further devaluing of the site to bring it down to an Untapp’d level of involvement, although I don’t think that they have plunged quite to these depths yet. I do not want an auto interpretation of my ratings for the reasons given by most above.

My main concern might be that, if I give a low-ish but okay rating, it doesn’t matter why, how i explain it in my review. The site will go on and characterize it in a way that has nothing to do with my review. If I go on to say “Wasn’t remarkable, wasn’t beautiful, but pleasant if you want something straight” and the site goes on suggesting it’s a drain pour, there’s a big gap in between.

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Actually there are plenty. Also it’s not hard to find beers with less than 3 stars (hint: type in “Budweiser”).

I don’t see what you’re getting at. UnTappd doesn’t affix “funny” comments to ratings. It just shows the score. I’d say RateBeer is in fact going in a different direction here, also given that now that the Activity Feed doesn’t let you make comments on people’s achievements/check-ins/I’m currently drinking.

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I did add the rider that I don’t believe that Untapp’d had plunged to these depths yet.

What does it refer to? The beer, the brewery or the reviewer?

ISO invite to the groping party that @Marko mentioned !!!

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what are you, 55? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can be if it gets me in !

weird how interesting features get dropped because “the mass of users need dumb pages”, and then something like this creeps in:


this algorithm has clearly never checked Roman’s ratings.


I think the ‘algorithm’ is more along the lines of:

  • if it scores 2.5 or below show a random ‘this is crap’ comment
  • If it scores above 4 show a random ‘this is excellent’ comment.
    It doesn’t seem to be any more sophisticated than that.

I actually find this one of the most insulting features added. Who do the devs actually think their target users are? Not adults, surely.


I’ve seen it give the negative comments for a score as high as 2.7

Meanwhile, a 4.1 that one of my friends gave yesterday doesn’t have any comment attached.

Edit: one of the people on my list of friends gave a beer a 5 (never seen that before). Here’s what the system says:

This beer has fans.

Doesn’t everyone want an experience like that.

Wow, that’s a strong recommendation.

That might raise the average.

Definitely a positive experience.

Can we please get rid of this completely useless feature now?


This is indeed a stupid choice to include auto comments like that… Seems like the website is partial… People already struggle with the idea that the website can be impartial since the AB Inbev takeover…

Not really partial, it’s just plain stupid. Automated repetitive comments are stupid, distracting and boring in itself, but a 2.7 rating, which is almost the mean on a scale from 0.5 to 5, gets a ‘was that a drain pour?’ comment. What’s up with that?

The thing that bothers me is that actual precious time is used to program this as if there’s nothing better to do.
The thing the bothers me most is that this keeps bothering me… :wink:


Yeah, I don’t see the value here. I get trying to be funny, but usually it’s best to make a few jokes internally and leave it at that. External commentary is not necessary. I mean, if that 2.3 is a pale lager that happens to be the best beer in that country (i.e. Fiji Bitter) I’m not rinsing, I’m ordering another one.

But also, it almost feels like putting words in people’s mouths. I have no qualms about being bitchy/catty/an asshole in my reviews, but that’s my choice. I mean, sometimes I’m leaving a bad review on a beer where I’m friends with the brewer, and I’m working hard to be diplomatic and save the harshness for a direct conversation. RB should be working to build goodwill with brewers, and I think this goes in the other direction.