The perfect rating

ok my… came up in a thread again, and so i posted a link to why. but actually reading it again, i think its something that we all should read or reread, this is a fantastic piece by @silktork on writing a beer rating, yeah sadly some of the people he references are long gone. butbthe piece itself is superb.

and he can take all the blame for the style (if not the poor quality of my ratings)


Never read this article before, but it’s clearly directly and indirectly influenced the way a lot of people rate. My ratings do follow a similar format, off the back of reading other people’s tatings in this format. Clearly a seminal article and we’ll worthy of being read by newbies to the site.

Separately I remember @silktork having a bit of a rant on the forums about people starting their ratings with “Pours a gold colour…”. I quickly stopped using the “Pours a…” intro, but within days noticed a review from Mr York himself with that same wording…

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So Venom came here after being booted from BA?

Stupid autocorrect, I meant Mr Tork. Although if the Radiohead singer was here it might make for some interesting ratings: “This beer’s a weirdo, what the hell is it doing here? Tastes high and dry.”

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I use that all the time now. I read some of my first reviews the last few days. It was fun and a bit embarrassing to see how little I knew about what I was drinking. Most of all, I was hit that my quest to make my reviews more spot-on has actually been nothing else but me adopting a standardized, technical approach that, in the end, makes many beers sound so fucking similar - even if they’re absolutely not in real life. It left me thinking that I should’ve written down the stories for the beers. But how can you do that when you’re just ticking at a festival? Or at home? What is memorable about I beer I ordered from some website, got shipped, stored it for a while and then had after dinner or while watching TV?

tl;dr: It’s all for nothing.


Ratings? Ticks?

I’ll file it under things I don’t give a shit about…


Spell check? I,m creating a new language when i rate any more. Gotta have some fun, right??

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