The pervasiveness of alternative beverages in your mix case

Saw some of the gals in the holiday threads moaning about this.

Hard seltzers in your advent calendar?
Kombucha, Jun or cider in your latest mead delivery?
A straight up non-alcoholic, 750ml bottle of sparkling botanical funk in your box?

I get about 75% of my intake from mail order these days. I’d like to be in complete control of that whenever possible. At least a way to sub in/out without cancelling a delivery entirely. Some were okay, but that’s not the point. No names from me, I know that’s not as fun. Sorry. Feel free to spread shame yourselves though.


What’s the question?

In a way, the question is one you ask yourself. That - to me - is part of the point of Sillitoe’s “The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner”. The grind, the getting on, the reality of oppression and the victory that may come from defiance - even defiance that achieves nothing at all.

It is there for you, even in a cruel or (worse?) indifferent world.

As for “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”, I confess I haven’t read it but it’s surely about overcarbonation of keg dispense.

I noticed in my Advent box there was a cider and an alcohol-free beer. And that in shops and on their websites any alcoholic (or pretend alcohol like those flyspray masquerading as gin things) beverage that’s not wine or spirits tends to spill over into the beer offering. I suppose that’s partly the willingness of the beer drinker to try new things and partly the fault of brewers shoving fruit and cakes in beer without much care.

A box to tick on order forms that excludes non beer stuff would be good but standardisation reduces costs.

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I’m sure some people would be upset, but I wouldn’t mind a cider in any box set, but I like cider, so…

However, I would be upset with any other non-beer fermented beverages. I would also be offended to find a N/A beer in any beer set, unless it was some kind of legitimately acclaimed N/A beer from the brewery.

So no, I wouldn’t say it’s very common in my part of the United States. If a brewery makes seltzers or kombucha, they generally sell them in a different pack entirely from the beer pack.

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Doing the simple math on my last three independent club boxes that came in for the holidays, including shipping. It hurts.

$20ea x2 for a sparkling n/a elixir

$32ea x2 for a grape cider hybrid

$36ea x1 for a Pommeau

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Yeah that’s dealbreaking.

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