The public Option

So. Beautiful day. I ride to Public Option, up the nicely improved MBT, and finally found the right way to Franklin Street.

But I had forgotten to check the hours. Friday and Saturday only. Oh well, I can ride somewhere else.

Then a couple walk up and unlock the door. “You’re closed, right?” “You rode here, come on in. Take your bike in”.

They gave me a free beer. (They can’t charge when they’re closed ? But still, they didn’t have to do that, but they insisted) They are riders, WABA members, we talked bikes and the brewery business.

They were exceptionally nice. I’m trying to get some bike friends to ride up there on Saturday.


They sound like great people! :slight_smile: Updated their page(s) here a bit, especially the place page which still showed they worked on Sunday, fuck…

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Ya I went there once and was the only guy there a couple years back. They gave me some free cake. I was wondering the other day if they were still open.