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The question of the beer brand Proost 69

There is no “Proost 69” brewery on our forum. When I wanted to add it, I had difficulties. After all, beer is made in “Privatbrauerei H.Egerer” under a license from “Grano69 Beverages PVT. LTD”. The country code for the barcode 890 is India.
Where to add it? Germany or India.

Website “Proost 69” - https://proost69.com/get-in-touch

Grano69 would need to be added as a brewer/commissioner, in India. Apparently they own more beers and are planning to introduce a couple more. https://www.spiritz.in/millennials-going-the-craft-way/. Add the beer there, contract-brewed at H.Egerer.

Thanks for the help.
If I understand you well, then this is Indian beer.

Well, on paper, yes. Indian company, beer brewed in Germany

Interestingly, “Proost69 White Ale” is produced in Belgium for India.

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