The Robin Hood Festival

Together with Finn I attended the two first days of The 14th Robin Hood Beer and Cider Festival in October 2022. The festival was also known as The 46th Annual Nottingham CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival. This year the festival took place at the Cricket ground, and was, in fact, an outdoor festival. Nothing to complain about when it comes to the beer menu, it was just great, and well selected from different part of the UK. We found picnic tables both days, but there were overall few seating options. Anyway, we had a great time and tasted some very well treated ales. And, we had the pleasure of meeting a few other ratebeerians; so many thanks to @danlo, @Mr_Pink_152 and @imdownthepub for your kindness.


It was certainly a pleasure to meet you both again. Looks like your trip round the counties went well too. I did my stint working at Oxford Beer Festival again lasy weekend, hard going but very enjoyable.
Hope to meet you both again in the future.